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The Most Famous Squares of Ankara

Ankara is the second most remarkable city with its 5000-year-old history and museums hosting many civilizations. In this city, the mystical aspects come to the fore as much as it is possible to feel the air of the city. The most famous squares of Ankara, which contains its historical atmosphere, are listed as follows.

  • Summer/Winter Squares
  • Straw Market Square
  • Hakimiyet-i Milliye Square (Ulus Square)
  • Scoundrel Square
  • Red Crescent Square
  • Tandogan Square

In general, it is possible to  find everything you are looking for in the squares that attract attention with their versatile structure. The mentioned squares are considered as today's bazaar places to visit. Squares with different shops and cafes are also known as transportation places that are used by the people.

Ankara's Ottoman Squares

Ankara's Ottoman squares , which have a different atmosphere than many other cities, are the most interesting places for many tourists. When evaluated from this point of view, we should say that the main places of the Ottoman Empire that have meaning until today are the courtyards of the mosques. Hacı Bayram Mosque and Kocatepe Mosque, which you will admire in terms of the mosque courtyard, are among the most important places to visit. Because it can remind and keep the traces of the Ottoman Empire alive. Many mosques, such as the mosques mentioned, will not escape your attention. Structural changes and modernized images will increase your interest in these places. In addition, it can be said that it draws a satisfactory profile in terms of history.

Popular Places to See in Ankara

Of popular places to see in Ankara, many places that can be ranked in competition with each other stand out due to their location difference. While Ulus Square is one of them, Kızılay Square is considered to be the central areas where people are the most. There are many cafes around here that you can go and see. The delicious food flavors are quite remarkable. It would be wise to choose Saman market square, especially to buy or find affordable things. Ankara, where you will see a different difference in each district, is a two-way city in general. While mosques and museums stand out in terms of history, we can say that culturally parks have a lot of potential in this city. When we list these parks, you can also see the popular place options.

  • Segmenler Park
  • Swan Park
  • Mogan Lake Park
  • Goksu Park
  • Wonderland Park

Accommodation in Ankara

It is possible to find many accommodation options in Ankara . However, increasing prices are quite high with the inflation picture. In order to be able to have both a convenient and comfortable stay, the choice of hotel before the trip will have an important place. In this respect, we should say that the Grand Hamit hotel should be your first choice. Because the Grand Hamit hotel is known for its proximity to the city, as well as being an affordable hotel. Hotel services are very clean inside the hotel. Quality is at the forefront in the hotel restaurant, whose food is always freshly prepared. However, the price is more affordable than other hotels. It is also necessary to know that there are enormous options for creating a travel plan with 12-month installments.

To-Do List in Ankara

Every person considering a trip to Ankara should prepare a to-do list in Ankara . Because in this city, which is beautiful in every season, there are many things to do, go and see, and many places. When we will list them briefly, you will be able to choose the ones that are suitable for your taste. And the to-do list is as follows.

  • Determining the appropriate accommodation address
  • Starting from the museums for historical sightseeing
  • Keeping track of festival dates
  • Wander the squares in the city center
  • Exploring the natural beauties

The items we have stated in general terms are considered as hints that facilitate your more detailed options. Tastes for each person can indisputably be different. However, it is possible to create the best choices for yourself with the right timing. First of all, if you choose the right accommodation address, you can be sure that you will be very comfortable. Because choosing an accommodation suitable for the city center will shorten your transportation distance. This allows you to experience fuller activities for longer hours. That's why the location of the place to stay is important.




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